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A little while ago, there was some Gallup research, which amongst other things suggested that the corporate world is appallingly bad at capitalizing on the strengths of its people. Why would that be? Considering that for many organisations people costs are one of the largest lines of expense, you would think that employers would spare […]


After listening to Jon Faine on ABC 774 recently (12th May), about the need for improved disability employment services to get people back into work, I have to say something. I would reiterate (based on UK figures as a proxy for Australia), that a significant proportion of PWD (people with disability) have worked, as the […]

Defining the ‘Intentional Director’

Around 50 per cent of international studies have failed to find a link between board performance and organisation performance. Last year a contentious Australian study found that the introduction of independent directors has failed to deliver increased corporate value. Either the board model is wrong or the board people are wrong (or both). In terms […]

‘Part-Time’ needs a PR makeover

Part-time has a bad name, it sends a shiver down the spine of most employers.  It has disastrous connotations for careers, just ask any woman in banking and finance!  It even has its own syndrome resulting in ‘flexibility stigma’.  I want to know why, and whether we can simply re-brand, re-package and re-tell the part-time […]

Performance Anxiety in the Boardroom

Sounds eerily similar to other performance issues - there is much literature afloat on this topic so I will try not to regurgitate too much suffice to say that my friend Andrew Donovan from Directors Suite has dedicated the best part of his life to this issue. Posted by Dale Simpson

Board Diversity – The real consequence

Am I the only person that gets frustrated anytime this topic gets bogged down on gender, race, culture, age or disability?  Studies as far back as 2003 have highlighted the issue across these lines ("Corporate Governance, Board Diversity, and Firm Value" in The Financial Review, 2003). I attended a lunch recently on gender diversity; the […]

The ‘Stop & Go’ Career – Why can’t Employers see the Benefits?

Careers are no longer linear as the changing nature of work continues to shift. Careers have become transitional and fluid removing the traditional model of constant long-term employment. I say bravo! Yet so many employers continue to struggle to see the enormous value Stop & Go candidates bring. Sam Mostyn the winner of the inaugural […]

Why Networking is So Important

It is often said that up to three quarters of professional jobs are filled through the so-called “Hidden Job Market”. Recently when I was delivering a presentation with 2 other colleagues to a group of 50 government clients, I asked for a show of hands to the question, “How many of you in the room […]

Why don’t governments want to incentivize employers to maintain employment for people with acquired disabilities (PWAD)?

UK figures from Helen Cooke (see indicate that 83% of people with disability (PWD) have an acquired disability, the average age being 45 years old. Assuming Australia is similar (to be confirmed), the implication is that a large proportion of PWD on government support may have worked for a number of years, and therefore […]

Do Not Proceed Beyond This Point

Let’s think a moment about what is required of a good company director in terms of mindset, effort, skill and risk.  Yes, we agree that past experience is the greatest of teachers, but in a curriculum of many subjects it is only one teacher.  Having taken the time to acquire the basic credentials is another.  […]

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