Career Development

Why a living career plan works

By: Haley Zilberberg

A career plan can work for anyone, regardless of how many years you’ve been working in your field or how near or far you are to achieving your professional goals. Having a career plan helps you outline how far you are from where you want to be and gives you the opportunity to think through what you need to do to land either the opportunity of your dreams or strengthen the path you are currently on. We know that planning works and therefore the efficacy of having a sound career plan becomes compelling and so have put together this blog to be used as a resource for those trying to figure out what steps to take to continue advancing in their careers.

What is a living career plan?

A career plan is a great tool to help you understand what you want to achieve within your career and gain insight into how you can achieve these goals. Within your career plan, you can outline your short-term and long-term goals and create a list of actions that will help you attain your goals. In your plan, you can outline your specific goals, when you hope to reach them, and note any professional development you might need to do in the meantime. It can be a living document that you refer to or update to suit your needs. By living we mean as you progress you learn and as you learn you amend it accordingly.  There is that great adage that “if you live by a plan you will die by the plan” unless of course if it is a “living plan”.

What you should include in your career plan

You can customise your career plan to suit your needs, but you might find it beneficial to include some of the following:

How to make your career plan work

Once you’ve created a career plan for yourself, you can’t just shut off the computer and forget about it. Just like you need to use a budget once you’ve created it, you need to use your career plan, too. So, how can you make your career plan work?

Overall, a career plan works because they’re created in a way that’s made to work. When you have a clear focus and know what steps to take to achieve your goal, you’re going to be so much more likely to reach those milestones. 

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