The benefits of hiring people with disability - hiring for a win/win/win

By: Fiona Gringel & Mark Glascodine

According to Job Access, there are a number of data-based reasons why you should consider hiring people with disability. You’ve likely already hired people with disability without knowing it. In fact, one in five Australians lives with disability, but less than 10 per cent of disabilities are visible. 

People with disability often, have tremendous problem solving skills, flexibility and adaptability, as well as teamwork and management skills learnt through managing their condition and their support team.

Job Access cites that people with disability have fewer incidents at work, take fewer sick days and annual leave, and stay in jobs for longer. Beyond these concrete reasons to hire people with disability, there are many other reasons to hire more inclusively. 

The value of diversity in the workplace

Diversity is important in the workplace. Having a diverse range of perspectives and experiences can lead to more innovation and creativity. Just as it’s important to hire people from different backgrounds and of different genders, it’s important to hire people who are disabled and nondisabled. 

Doing your part to address bias at work

People with disability are much less likely to be employed compared to non-disabled people. On average, the unemployment rate for people with disability is twice the rate for non-disabled people. 

Due to fears around losing entitlements and transport costs amongst other concerns,  the truth is that the unemployment rate for PWD is in fact even higher than twice the rate for non-disabled people, something the NDIS is working toward resolving. 

Many employers assume that a person with a disability is less capable of performing a role, more likely to take leave, and less reliable. Some employers also express being nervous to hire people with disability. 

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, a lot of these worries are unfounded. 88 per cent of employed people with disability don’t require additional support and 82% don’t need to take time off due to their disability. However, 11 per cent of employed people with disability faced discrimination in the past year as of 2020.

By creating inclusive workplaces and hiring people with disability, you can create a better workplace for yourself and your team. 

Enhancing your workplace culture

Having a good workplace culture is a great way to ensure you’re attracting talent and giving your employees a reason to stay motivated at work. Workplaces with a good culture keep employees for longer and are more productive. 

Creating a workplace culture that focuses on strong values, community, and practices is a great way to make your employees feel supported.  Hiring diversely and creating policies that focus on accessibility and inclusion may make your employees feel more valued and committed. 

If you don’t have a clear diversity and inclusion policy, or you’re nervous about hiring people with disability and how to be accessible, you might hesitate to hire people with disability. You don’t have to do it alone, though. Bravo can support through our people and our partners those employers seeking to support employees with varying levels of ability.

You can also get information from the Department of Social Services websites and other government websites. All in all, hiring people with disability is a win for everyone: for the individual, the team, and your organisation. 

If your organisation is ready to boost its inclusivity and diversity, reach out to Bravo Careers. Our career consultants are here to help.