Outplacement and Career Transition

Career transition and outplacement services

Bravo Careers provides professional outplacement services that allow you to receive guidance, support and encouragement to prepare for a long-term future in your career path.

Our highly credible and caring career transition and outplacement services are designed to provide organisations with complete assistance in fulfilling their obligation to current or past employees. This allows employees to quickly get back on their feet finding alternative employment and continuing their career.

Career transition and outplacement Services

As one of the top outplacement service providers, Bravo Careers offers complete solutions that will help individuals get back on their feet and regain their focus in their careers. The complexities of career decisions can be challenging and confusing especially when you combine contributing factors from your personal life. Bravo Careers ensures you benefit from our professional outplacement guidance, encouragement and support throughout the process.

Our career transition and outplacement services enable you to identify and analyse the right path for you and prepare you to conquer any challenges that you might face in your journey to success.

We aim to assist organisations with outplacement services across Australia help their employees experience a stress-free transition period. Our career transition and outplacement consultants' empathetic approach ensures that you will always have a hand to guide you through the change and someone who will challenge you to seek your best pathway forward.

Career transition and outplacement for the organisation

We understand that you truly care for your people and that you want them to continue growing their careers without hindrance. Bravo Careers commits to protecting your brand by helping you demonstrate that you care for your people. Our tailored method is what provides your organisation and people with the best career transition and outplacement support. 

This can help your organisation implement highly effective initiatives that will allow your workers to leave with dignity and respect, while maintaining the integrity and culture of other team members.

Our career transition and outplacement service to you covers the following key areas:

  • Change management
  • Project management
  • Government funding application support
  • Communications planning and development
  • Team re-alignment

Our career transition and outplacement consultants' skills extend beyond career management to helping you understand organisational team dynamics and change management. We see these as critically important skills to ensure your career transition and outplacement process operates smoothly and with a high degree of care and support for everyone affected by the change.

Career Transition and outplacement for the individual

Redundancy can be an extremely difficult experience. Our empathetic outplacement consultants and programs allow for ongoing support and motivation strategies to help propel your success. We work with you to ensure that you are prepared for a successful future whether in:

  • Full-time, part-time or casual work
  • Volunteerism
  • Retirement
  • Directorships
  • Portfolio careers

Our consultants will help you define your unique qualities and ensure that past experiences, personal preferences and future requirements are considered when planning your positive long-term future. Whether you require career coaching or career consulting, our services will meet your requirements in the key areas of: 

  • Developing self-compassion, career and life planning
  • Resume development (styles can include, chronological, functional or hybrid) 
  • Interviewing preparation and techniques
  • Networking and research skills
  • Learning and development planning

The company you work for understands that you are our client and that our duty of care is to ensure all meetings you have with Bravo Careers are completely confidential.

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