Career Services for Individuals

From your CV to your career goals

Our services and support are tailored to your individual needs and requirements. One of the greatest differences we enable in our work with clients is shifting your thinking in how you value yourself in your work and contribution.

Bravo Careers teaches you how to propel yourself forward for long-term career success enabling you to reach your desired goals and potential.

We treat our clients with the respect and understanding you deserve. Many clients initially come to us for support with their resume/CV, yet what becomes clear is you are more than your CV and the process of career development considers your ‘whole life’ contributions which allows you the agency to act in your best interests.

Career development considers and forms your strategic positioning with a long-term outlook on your professional development, you will find Bravo Careers is committed to your success and will help you develop your career achievements prepare you for interviews and support the development of your networking strategy. 

Through our in-depth career management guidance, you will get honest and helpful career advice to develop the strength and skills to realise your true potential to the advantage of both your career and personal life.

Most importantly, when you combine appropriate career management services and strategies, you will gain a clear picture of where you want to go in life. The right career advice is essential, especially to those who have lost sight of their intended career direction.  This will give you a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in your abilities.

As one of our valued Bravo Careers clients, you will benefit from: 

  • Development of your career goals and objectives, including realistic and manageable timeframes for positive career outcomes
  • Identify possible directions for success, including those that you may not have considered yourself
  • Support in crafting your suite of Resumes/CVs or Profile, effective networking strategies and interview guidance
  • Improved professional and personal confidence with awareness and recognition of your own key strengths and skills which will enable employers and others to recognise and appreciate your unique value and offering