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‘Part-Time’ needs a PR makeover

Part-time has a bad name, it sends a shiver down the spine of most employers.  It has disastrous connotations for careers, just ask any woman in banking and finance!  It even has its own syndrome resulting in ‘flexibility stigma’.  I want to know why, and whether we can simply re-brand, re-package and re-tell the part-time […]

The ‘Stop & Go’ Career – Why can’t Employers see the Benefits?

Careers are no longer linear as the changing nature of work continues to shift. Careers have become transitional and fluid removing the traditional model of constant long-term employment. I say bravo! Yet so many employers continue to struggle to see the enormous value Stop & Go candidates bring. Sam Mostyn the winner of the inaugural […]

Boost your interview confidence

Women who tend to undersell themselves at interviews generally lack the confidence to promote themselves and their achievements. According to Kitty Kay and Claire Shipman - “success, it turns out, correlates just as closely with confidence as it does with competence.” If this is true, addressing confidence at the interview stage is crucial. I have […]

Gaps on Resumes – Mums the Word

A gap on your resume can be disastrous but why?  Because it’s an indication I have children. I heard a HR Manager proclaim that she (yes, she) would throw a resume in the bin if she thought the candidate had children.  I was shocked at this brash claim but not surprised.  What this statement has […]

Bamboo and Glass Ceiling – Do Asian Women Have Two Ceilings To Break Through?

The Bamboo Ceiling is a term relating to the lack of representation of leaders in Australian business’ from Asian backgrounds.  A 2013 DCA reports suggests a huge underrepresentation of women leaders from Asian backgrounds – 29 female versus 233 male.  Furthermore, a BRW article by Fiona Smith and Michael Bailey state that the same DCA […]

Help! I’m having a Mother of an Identity Crisis

I recently heard a wonderful interview with Sibylla Stephen (from the band, Little Stevies) who was talking about the concept of identity and how we define ourselves.  Her comments and blog got me thinking about professional identity and the dual challenge of bringing clarity and poise to how we define ourselves, and of having to […]

Mothers Increase Productivity – Seems Like a No Brainer to Me…

Can women with children really change the nation's balance sheet? The Grattan Institute argues that if workplace participation of women increased by only 6% our GDP would be $25 billion higher. I find that figure both completely staggering and totally exciting. Furthermore, the report states that “female workforce participation can only change significantly if more […]

Women & Sabotage at Work – Is it Us (well, some of it)?

Do women deliberately sabotage themselves, and each other in the workplace? Much is documented about the way women behave at work and frankly I find the scrutiny a little overwhelming. I began thinking about self-sabotage and women in the work place and found all is not straightforward. Self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, women sabotaging women, bullying, under-selling […]

Returning to work after baby – could a Career Plan help?

There is a wealth of available information around the complexities of returning to work after having a baby.  Most of it is focused on the transition into motherhood and attempting to balance this when returning to work.  All of which is extremely complex and also completely individual.  My question is: “Should we be having the […]

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