Why you’ll never go wrong by networking

It is common knowledge that as many as 75% of jobs are secured through networking activities. At higher levels in an organisation the figures are probably higher. And let’s all be sure about this – networking is hard work for many and doesn’t come naturally! But life becomes potentially harder down the track if you don’t take the time to do it now, and especially if you have to jump into it unexpectedly and that’s the message of this blog.

The benefits of networking go far beyond getting that next job and the activity is equally important even if you’re not in the market for a career change. The following are positive considerations for those not actively job hunting. As a matter of fact this is an ideal time for many to do it. Here are some of the reasons:

Firstly, the information you gain on industry trends, requirements and key players may greatly benefit you when you do start a job search.

Secondly, you improve your professional profile, making yourself more visible to prospective employers and head hunters, while also making yourself known to more people of influence who may be “looking for somebody” later. You may not be at a career crossroads presently, but it should never be too far from the back of your mind.

Thirdly, the ideas for possible career moves in the future that you obtain from others, some worth considering and others not, may offer you a new slant on a profession to pursue that you hadn’t previously considered.

Fourthly, people love to kelp by sharing their industry knowledge and/or giving advice. So don’t be intimidated by meeting people for the first time. They wouldn’t be taking time out of their busy day if they didn’t want to help on the first place,

Finally, you meet new people. Life has shown many of us that these new people may end up becoming lifelong friends and again, a good source of information about other contacts.

So you see, there are a lot more reasons for picking up the phone and making that call to someone that we may want to get to know. We never know what lies around the corner, so taking the time to network as a matter of routine may prove to come in handy when the time does arrive when we are thinking about making a career move.

Posted by Scott Spaulding

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