Leadership Development for Directors


Director Employment Program

As a participant in Bravo’s Directors’ Pathways Program, your purpose and value proposition as a Company Director will be explored – ensuring you have the informed focus to identify company profiles best suited to your skills, strengths and ambitions.

With Bravo’s executive coach, you will develop a director-relevant professional profile and establish a powerful pathway to your first appointment or directorship portfolio through participating in an affordable and effective director employment program in Sydney or Melbourne.


Directors’ Pathways Program benefits deliver:

  • Career assessment and director employment planning
  • Behavioural analysis and insights to determine what type of director you will be – based on proven methodology that identifies your key characteristics, technical competence and further areas for future development
  • Development of a director employment plan that focuses upon your future marketability
  • Development of your director profile – complete with a targeted focus on your overall contributions, proven track record and future potential – to convey your value proposition to relevant and interested organisations
  • Interviewing techniques and styles to support your carefully considered career trajectory, with role and organisation matching of key importance
  • The assistance and support to ensure you develop your approach to the director market with search strategies appropriate to your long-term career aspiration and goals.

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