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Performance Anxiety in the Boardroom

Sounds eerily similar to other performance issues – there is much literature afloat on this topic so I will try not to regurgitate too much suffice to say that my friend Andrew Donovan from Directors Suite has dedicated the best part of his life to this issue. Posted by Dale Simpson

Board Diversity – The real consequence

Am I the only person that gets frustrated anytime this topic gets bogged down on gender, race, culture, age or disability?  Studies as far back as 2003 have highlighted the issue across these lines (“Corporate Governance, Board Diversity, and Firm Value” in The Financial Review, 2003). I attended a lunch recently on gender diversity; the […]

Debating Board Diversity: Part 2 – From Thought to Culture

Where is the debate on board diversity heading?  In Part 1, we took issue with the current (albeit understandable) focus on gender representation, which we argued risks narrowing the discussion. In this concluding article, we offer some other perspectives on how to bring diversity into the boardroom. To begin with, cognitive diversity is still under-appreciated […]

Debating Board Diversity: Part 1 – Challenging the Gender Bias?

Everyone talks about diversity in the boardroom – but could our use of labels actually narrow the debate?  One day it may be gender, the next it may be race, or even age; and if we dig deep enough we may include ability (disability). Our focus on the gender bias is understandable, because there is […]

Building a Leadership Pathway to Effective Directorship

Being a non-executive director is not just about turning up to board meetings and making sure that the governance processes are in good order. Effective directors must pursue a personal career development plan that enables them to perform at their best, and contribute meaningfully to the boards they serve.          If awareness and foresight sit […]

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