Is there a lack of employee engagement?

Recent data from Roy Morgan Research suggests that around half of all employees in Australia are considering a job move in the next 12 months. Does this reflect a lack of employee engagement? Leaving aside the search for a better job and the impact of corporate restructuring, that would still leave a high proportion of the workforce either dissatisfied or disengaged in their current role or organisation.

The simplest way to assess employee engagement is to ask the question:

“Would you recommend your friends to work here? If not, why?”

If your organisation is not willing to go there, rest assured that your employees are already voicing their views via platforms like Glassdoor. As with any other form of social media or social network, if you don’t understand what is happening, there is an increased risk of being excluded from the conversation.

Something for our business leaders and talent managers to think about?

Posted by Dale Simpson

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