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After listening to Jon Faine on ABC 774 recently (12th May), about the need for improved disability employment services to get people back into work, I have to say something. I would reiterate (based on UK figures as a proxy for Australia), that a significant proportion of PWD (people with disability) have worked, as the […]

Willing to Work submission Pt 2

Another perspective on the importance of employment is driven by the Government’s focus on reducing the number of people on DSP, as well as improving chances of employment for PWD. The OECD report in 2010, Sickness, Disability and Work – Breaking the Barriers – A synthesis of 27 countries provides some perspective to this. The […]

Willing to Work submission Pt 1

In place of our regular blogs this week. Mark Glascodine has decided to place up his submission to the Ready to Work inquiry. Due to its length it will be put up in 2 parts. My focus is on disability employment. I'm somebody who acquired a disability aged 35 years old, accepted medical retirement at […]

Could the “user pays” model under NDIS also apply to PwD outcomes?

Can the ‘choice and control’ concept from NDIS be extended to disability employment to improve outcomes for PwD and employers? If so, can current government funding for DES be rechanneled to PwD, employers as well as DES? Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the ‘choice and control’ principle introduces a ‘user pays’ model allowing […]

Why are employers in Australia so reluctant to take on people with disabilities?

This is the question that 20 guests discussed at a Diversity Lunch held by Bravo Consulting at the RACV in Melbourne on March 26.  Australia has a woeful track record in this area.  We are the opposite of world class, coming 21st out of 29 amongst OECD countries.  In Australia only 54% of people with […]

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