Board Diversity – The real consequence

Am I the only person that gets frustrated anytime this topic gets bogged down on gender, race, culture, age or disability?  Studies as far back as 2003 have highlighted the issue across these lines (“Corporate Governance, Board Diversity, and Firm Value” in The Financial Review, 2003).

I attended a lunch recently on gender diversity; the takeout was there has been no measurable progress since the 1980’s – so now what?

What are the motivators for change if they are not what we ought to do?  Collusion is perhaps the greatest risk facing many boards; typically, it is the sameness we seek in order to achieve acceptance.  Collusion of thinking and its consequences surely is the reason for change here.  I am sure that if this became a key measure with its lead indicator being robust discussion then diversity would surely follow.

I am blessed with colleagues who understand this and audit for it.

Posted by Dale Simpson

BonnieSue Nevin

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